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Upper School Visual Arts Students Awarded at HCDE Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Upper School Visual Arts Students Awarded at HCDE Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Renie Deanda

On Tuesday, May 7, 2024, FBCA Gold Key students were recognized by the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) for their exemplary art at the Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Ceremony at the Cullen Performance Hall, University of Houston. 

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the nation’s longest-running prestigious recognition program for creative teens. 41 FBCA students submitted art work with 122 pieces entered, 7 seniors portfolios and students earned 51 Scholastic Awards, including 15 Gold Keys, 16 Silver Keys, and 20 Honorable Mention Keys. In the portfolio category, Ashlyn Dailey received a Gold Key, Joana Liu and Thea Longbottom received a Silver Key. Gold Key awarded entries are automatically considered for national awards, including Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and scholarship awards. 

Ashlyn Dailey was the first FBCA senior to garner a gold key for her senior portfolio. This is a special celebration as Mr. Baptiste and Mr. Sanders partnered to combine forces to start brainstorming a year ago to coach Ashlyn’s 2D, 3D and Animation Work to the most diverse platform for that hard to come by Gold Key in senior portfolio work.  

This year from this region, there were over 7,700 art submissions and over 5,200 writing submissions in the competition. Of those submissions, 425 were Gold Key awards and 575 were Silver Key awards. 

Working Together, Teaching Collaboration in the Arts, and developing skills for effective groups learning through the arts is a part of Mr. Baptiste and Mr. Sanders' vision. 

“That vision has given our student artists an emergence to do hard things. When  following the way of the cross, we receive power to be vulnerable, authentic, and effective in our artistic pursuits,” Robert Sanders, Director of Fine Arts, said.  “Why Scholastics? Our hope is to be a faithful presence in the art world on a regional and national level.”

Gold Key

  • Oksana Arevalo - An Amalgamation of Hope
  • Ashlyn Dailey - The Anatomy of Creatures With and Without Possessions
  • Ashlyn Dailey - The Human Condition
  • Alex Henley - Grazing through the Fog
  • Lance Lemus - Splash of Joy
  • Joana Liu - No Way Home
  • Joana Liu - Packaged Perfection; or; Meat Box (Part 1)
  • Joana Liu - Replace (Apples) Until Perfect
  • Sara Sanchez - Marks of the Maker
  • Sara Sanchez - Mended
  • Sara Sanchez - In the Image Of
  • Keenum Self - My Dog
  • Gavin St Jean - From The Earth
  • Brooke Thompson - The Great Promise of Kickapoo Cavern
  • Helina Zhang - Smile with Me

Silver Key

  • Sidney Arnold - Billy and the Cheese Puff 
  • Ashlyn Dailey - For Sale
  • Ashlyn Dailey - My Sister Part 2
  • Ashlyn Dailey - Shhh
  • Jaelynn Lee - A Splash of Orange
  • Jaelynn Lee - Time Echoes
  • Joana Liu - US (part ll)
  • Joana Liu - The Embrace
  • Joana Liu - The First Friend
  • Thea Longbottom - Emotion through the Lenses of the Eye
  • Cole Robinson - Monochrome
  • Cole Robinson - Skyscraper
  • Sara Sanchez - The Departure
  • Sara Sanchez - Adam and Eve
  • Bo Sanders - Lunar Eclipse
  • Haley Vacek - Monarch


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