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Middle School | 5-8

Within the welcoming environment of FBCA Middle School, teachers establish a tone of encouragement, urging students to stretch their abilities within a secure setting.

The years spent in Middle School are pivotal for shaping students' intellectual growth. FBCA Middle School spans from grade 5 through grade 8, offering a comprehensive array of courses, extracurricular activities, and leadership opportunities meticulously designed to equip students for the challenges of high school. At the heart of our Middle School program lies project-based learning, fostering the development of vital skills centered on collaboration and problem-solving.

Here, students are empowered to embody the mission of FBCA — to equip students to thrive spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

This period signifies a time of profound change, growth, and transition as they progress from childhood to the preparation for Upper School. Throughout grades 5th-8th, students initiate the process of taking responsibility for their learning and cultivating habits essential for future success.
—Melisa Carroll, Head of Middle School




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Middle School Academics

Course Guide

Academic Excellence will be encouraged by providing curriculum and opportunities for logical and creative thinking processes as well as the development of new ideas and solutions.

Course Guide

Middle School House System

The Middle School House System is an effort to grow and foster a rich student culture. The Middle School has placed all students and faculty into eight separate houses. This house system is similar to traditional European boarding schools, where students of varying age and gender are forged into a team overseen by invested faculty. The house system has been done in English schools for centuries and is currently a thriving part of schools across the United States, even in Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Yale.

8 Houses Building Community

Though it seems to be a divisive element at first glance, dividing one school into eight houses, it has proven to be a unifying element with healthy competition. The house system builds community, creates ownership, enhances events, welcomes new students, develops leaders and establishes traditions. Each house is maintained at a relatively equal number of students and distribution of age and gender. Two faculty members serve as House Captains while the 8th grade SALT (Students Active in Leadership Training) students serve as House Leaders. Both students and faculty remain in the same house during their tenure in Middle School.

Middle School House System

  • Dynami: House of Courage (Purple)
  • Doxa: House of Honor (Red)
  • Kyma: House of Attitude (Blue)
  • Vouno: House of Motivation (Turquoise)
  • Chaliki: House of Perseverance (Yellow)
  • Katharos: House of Integrity (Silver)
  • Vronti: House of Optimism (White)
  • Ilios: House of Nobility (Orange)

Meet the Middle School Leadership Team