FBCA is excited to begin our dining program partnership with Taher, Inc., headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Taher, Inc. has maintained a matchless reputation based on standards of quality, driven by trained chefs, providing value, integrity and customized professional services. Taher, Inc. manages a portfolio of 250 private and public school dining programs in a 22-state area.
Items are prepared and served on-site by a local food service team. Highlights of the dining program include:
  • Each day, a variety of selections, including fresh homemade pizza, hot sandwiches, wraps, burritos, or deli sandwiches, are available.
  • Fresh fruit & vegetables are included with each meal.
  • Desserts such as cookies, pastries and ice cream novelties are available a la carte.
  • Meals are prepared on-site daily.
Taher's Food4Life menu offerings incorporate the following:
  • Chef-developed, made-from-scratch items that are trans-fat free.
  • Fruit and vegetable selections that complement the menu offerings, rotating daily.
  • Harvest of the Month program features a specific fruit, vegetable and herb or spice each month.
  • A dedicated and trained staff focused on customer service, attention to detail and a desire to serve people in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 
MyPaymentsPlus, a state-of-the-art online service, provides the convenience and information needed to manage student meal accountsThis system speeds up serving lines in the cafeteria, eliminates the need to send checks to school or worry about lost or forgotten lunch money, and ensures that students will receive a nutritious meal. Click HERE to learn more about MyPaymentsPlus.

Lunch Menus

You can download the Taher Food 4 Life app from the App Store for easy mobile access to each campus menu, or click on the links below.