We lead with love, integrity and compassion.

Learning how to lead and be led is an important step toward becoming prepared for life after graduation. Various programs are available to help students build confidence, empathy and effective communication skills.

Student Leadership University

Student Leadership University (SLU) is an organization that strives to instill future-tense thinking, character-driven decision making, ownership of biblical values and a commitment to influence through service. Students at FBCA have the opportunity to participate in SLU beginning their eighth-grade year.

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  • SLU 101

    Students begin their leadership journey with SLU 101. In SLU 101, students build a foundation of leadership modeled after Jesus. From world-class speakers, SLU 101 teaches students the practical, relational and life skills to change the way they think and lead. Students must complete SLU 101 to move on in the program.
  • SLU 201

    SLU 201-401 are set trips that always go to the same place and build on the foundations established in the previous years. SLU 201 takes students to Washington, D.C. and equips them to lead as a citizen and catalyst for change. Students fully experience the Nation’s Capital by touring the monuments, walking the hall of Congress, listening to national leaders and witnessing the legacy of the Founding Fathers as they discover their role in society.
  • SLU 301

    At SLU 301, the leadership journey delves deeper into history as students visit London, Oxford, Paris and Normandy, learning to think bigger about the world. As students experience the sacrifices made in the past and consider the worldviews of philosophers and scholars such as C.S. Lewis, they learn that leaders are called to shape history and leave a legacy for Jesus that is larger than themselves.
  • SLU 401

    In the final step of the journey, SLU 401, students travel to Israel and Jordan where their perspectives can widen, and faith can deepen as they walk in the same places Jesus walked and learn in the same places Jesus taught. Another unique experience for those attending SLU 401 is the opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

Ms. Hooper, Dean of Student Life

Students who continue through the SLU programs are empowered to discover the unique gifts and passions that God has given them, and then use them to grow the Kingdom and make a difference in our nation and our world. These programs provide students with valuable leadership training that gives them a 15 to 20-year jump-start in making a difference.

Students Active in Leadership Training (SALT)

The Students Active in Leadership Training (SALT) program prepares eighth-grade students for Student Leadership University (SLU). The mission of SALT is to train students in the biblical characteristics of leadership and to develop their skills as leaders. Each fall, the group takes a two-day retreat to study leadership and identify their individual gifts and talents. The program is open to eighth-grade students who complete the application process, are in good academic standing, have maintained a positive disciplinary record and have demonstrated a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

FBCA alumni are trained leaders. They have been equipped to:

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  • Serve others

  • Establish a biblical worldview

  • Develop speaking and presenting skills for both small and large audiences

  • Facilitate group discussions

  • Establish a sense of vision, organizational skills and follow through

Senior-Kinder Buddies

Senior-Kinder Buddies is a leadership program unique to FBCA that connects students who are just beginning their careers at FBCA with those about to finish. The program gives kindergartners a glimpse at the future and the seniors a reminder of the past. It is fun for everyone involved. The seniors get a chance to develop a mentoring mindset that can carry on when they leave campus.

The students meet with their buddies on several occasions throughout the year including a book reading pajama party, 50's style sock hop to celebrate the 50th day of school and a 100th day of school celebration where they dress as the elderly.