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Fort Bend Christian Academy is fully committed to a superior academic experience integrated with a consistent, Christian approach to learning. We also proclaim that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God and that all subjects will be presented from a biblical perspective, with the Scripture as the measuring rod of all truth. Along with academic standards, the goals of the school are to exalt Jesus Christ as students learn to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength; to love others as themselves; and to learn to serve God first, in all areas of life and in whatever vocation they are ultimately led. The staff at FBCA realizes their solemn responsibility before God in molding the life and character of each student in order to give a solid foundation for each student’s future.


Inspiring students to excellence for the glory of God.


Fort Bend Christian Academy exists to glorify God through excellence in college-preparatory Christian education. It is the mission of Fort Bend Christian Academy to equip students to thrive spiritually, academically, socially and physically.

So what does worldview mean in today's Christian school?

Developing a biblical worldview is a mandate that Fort Bend Christian Academy takes very seriously. A biblical worldview is based on God's word, that His word is true, and then allowing that word to be the foundation of everything in your life.

The world bombards us with views that don't line up with biblical truths. Television, movies, books, magazines, the Internet, music, teaching in our schools and universities . .  we are able to sample the views of the world every place we look and listen! One of the jobs of the Christian school is to partner with parents and the church to provide a solid biblical foundation for students. Our young people need to be able to defend their faith, striving to be a godly man or woman, and a leader in their homes, schools, and communities.

In order to raise future generations of Christians who are able to think and act from a biblical worldview, it is imperative that Christian schools take seriously the mandate to educate today's students/tomorrow's leaders from a Kingdom and biblical perspective.

Fort Bend Christian Academy (FBCA) has adopted a Kingdom Education platform used in the educational programs serving children and youth in grades pre-kindergarten though 12. As a school, the biblical principles from which FBCA's core values are derived are accurately expressed through the Kingdom Education truths listed in our Declaration of Values.

Is a Christian worldview important to your family?

Our children's education is one of the most important choices that parents make; selecting a school that supports and partners with you in that education is crucial!  As one of the premier private schools in Sugar Land, Fort Bend Christian Academy invites you to discover for yourself the FBCA difference.


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