Katie Fiore

2017 TAPPS Art - Senior Portfolio

5th Place

The unexpected is what I love about photography. What made me fall in love with taking pictures is the unplanned events that seem almost too surreal to have actually taken place. The moments where I have to look over the camera and crave to know more. Pictures that need an explanation are the most impactful pictures. Staged photos bring a lack of emotion, expressions, and inspiration to the viewers. I believe photos taken at the most unexpected time have the ability to capture genuine moments. In life often the unplanned events are the ones with the most depth. When the subject of a picture is not told how to act it allows for pictures of true, unedited, and pure emotion. A natural smile, pose, movement, or feeling is what I hope to capture in each one of my photos. The more natural a picture is, the more genuine reality can be captured in each image. Having the ability to capture things that are not typically taken note of or often overlooked is what I strive to portray in my photography, to give depth and life to things that are not normally seen or noticed. I believe that mundane everyday life is void of emotion and energy. Because I live in a large suburb in a large city it is often hard for me to escape the hurtle of mundane life. That is why when I am taking pictures I try to get as far away from sheltered life as possible. I have traversed my way through the exotic jungles of Peru all the way to the concrete jungle of inner city Houston taking photos all along the way. When you view my photography I hope you see at least a small portion of my journey to escape the mundane.  I chose these pictures because they portray the most genuine feelings and moments. One way I enhance these genuine moments is by bringing out colors or taking color away from pictures to snare the attention of the viewer. Just as fishing lures are brightly colored to attract fish’s eye, my pictures are appropriately colored, or in some cases uncolored, to attract the viewer's eye. I use balance and focal points to draw the eye across the screen in each of my pieces. My goal is to show the most finite detail in each picture I can to show enhance the emotion. Genuine, unexpected, and natural moments are the best moments,  that is why I love photography, It is the best medium to portray these moments.

Katie will attend Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas.


Katie Fiore Senior Portfolio

Hidden Wealth

Katie Fiore Senior Portfolio


Katie Fiore Senior Portfolio


Katie Fiore Senior Portfolio


Katie Fiore Senior Portfolio

Mr. Rick 

Katie Fiore Senior Portfolio


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