Michael Matta

2017 TAPPS Art - Senior Portfolio

Honorable Mention

Any type of art is impossible to create genuinely without being unique. With so many different forms and types, I realize it is hard to be original and leave my mark on this world without sincerely following my passion and taking pictures I deem superior, not what society deems superior. Nowadays art is “explained” to us through useless apps like Twitter and Tumblr. Ultimately, art is your own decision. I believe that this is the common misconception that many everyday teenagers have and I will not allow myself to be told what to like or what not to like.With so many technological advantages, life is whizzing by faster than ever. It is my goal as a photographer to capture these moments in a way that makes the viewer reflect on what the inner meaning of my artwork really is.

Experiencing life with a camera in my hand has become an outlet for me and my stance on social issues. My work is centered around all types of themes, some have to do with topics on mental illness like depression and anxiety, while others are quite simply the beauty I experience around me. My mind works differently than the normal everyday teenager as I enjoy looking at everything from a different perspective. This empathetical outlook on life makes it easier for me to relate to subjects that I feel are important to portray. All I have to do is step outside of my comfort zone from time to time. Change can happen over virtually anything. Art tends to be the leading contender that seems to light the powder keg, setting a chain reaction of emotions that rips through an intellect’s mind.

This is my goal every time I attempt to capture a picture.  I believe this is what makes me stand out in the crowd and gives me a hunger for my work.

Michael will attend Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas.

Michael Matta Senior Portfolio

Just The Top

Michael Matta Senior Portfolio


Michael Matta Senior Portfolio

Inside My Soul

Michael Matta Senior Portfolio


Michael Matta Senior Portfolio


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