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John Kurtz '11 Overcomes Setbacks to Become Lawyer

Brittney Byrd
John Kurtz, Class of 2011, will join the Jones Day law firm in Dallas in the fall of 2019 after completing the Texas bar exam.
Upon graduation from FBCA, John attended The University of Texas at Austin for two years, then transferred to New York University to complete his undergraduate work. He graduated summa cum laude in 2015 with a double major (Honors Government and Philosophy). He then spent a year working in Washington D.C. for The National Review Institute. Following that, he was accepted into University of Virginia Law School (ranked as the #8 law school in the nation) with a full-ride scholarship, the Hardy Cross Dillard Scholarship

“It was the best decision we ever made as parents to put him into private school and to invest in his future with enrollment at FBCA,” Diane Kurtz, alumnus mom said. “No doubt, the high academic standards of FBCA prepared him very well for the rigors of college academics. But it was the Christian education and the nurturing of his growing faith that became the solid foundation which would sustain, and more importantly, strengthen and guide him through the next years.”
John faced more challenges than the average student. He became critically ill just three months after high school graduation and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He had to learn to cope with and manage the chronic disease just as he had embarked on living away from home.
In his first year of law school at UVA, John had an accident while playing softball resulting in a broken left hand and right wrist, which placed him in double casts for six weeks. Following that in early December, he sustained a spiral fracture of the humerus in his right arm, which required a four-hour surgery and placement of a 11-inch metal plate to hold his arm together. It was discovered then that John had experienced severe bone loss (young onset of osteoporosis), thought to be a rare side-effect complication of diabetes.
“Throughout all of the challenges and setbacks, I rested on the promise that God would always be with me,” John said. “God walks right alongside us, even in the darkest of days, and we can and do emerge from troubles so much stronger and bolder.”  
Thankfully, John was in a city with an outstanding research hospital where received top-notch medical care and treatments to improve his bone density, but his mother believes it was her son’s Christian foundation that really got him through it all.
“I’m confident this incredible school is carrying on its work of bringing up the next generation of young adults, well-prepared and armed with a bold faith, to take on the world’s challenges,” Diane said.