It's Who You Know | Feature on Connor Gould

Brittney Byrd
When meeting Connor Gould, the first thing he will ask is if he can get you a cup of coffee. A few years of cliché intern grunt work in Los Angeles helped him retain a sense of kindness and courtesy, despite now having an esteemed career in the entertainment industry. For most people, it can take decades to get their big break, if one comes at all, but Connor has been on a fast track to success. 
At just 22, Gould has worked with award-winning production teams on projects featuring some of the biggest names in pop culture including Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Future, Hailee Steinfeld, David Crowder Band and many more.

“It’s all about networking,” he said. “If you love what you do, you are excited to tell people about it.”

As the maxim goes, it’s who you know, but, Gould is proof that connections may get you there, but it takes talent, confidence and commitment to stay.

“I’m a go-getter,” he said. “I can sense someone’s passion instantly.”

Connor says he can sense passion, but what he really means is he can sense anyone’s and everyone’s passions, from the mailman to a cashier. After taking a leap of faith by moving to L.A. to pursue his dreams and things not initially going as smoothly as he had anticipated, Gould was at a restaurant and struck up a conversation with the waiter.

“I could tell we had a lot in common,” he said. “We discovered we knew a lot of the same people. He was also a Christian, and when he offered me an opportunity to move into his house of similar-minded roommates, I knew it was an opportunity I had to take—God’s plan.”

Through this string of connections, Connor was able to meet well-known industry professionals, such as director Hannah Lux Davis, someone he had admired from afar for years. These relationships eventually resulted in job opportunities and collaborations with London Alley Entertainment and Legacy Content.

Some days were surreal for Connor, such as when he assisted on the set of a music video for one of the highest-paid celebrities and one of the most influential people in the
world (Time, 2019).

It was Dec. 22, in between takes on the “7 Rings” set that Connor noticed a cute dog and looked up to see his owner.

“There is Ariana Grande, shining in the light,” he said. The two discussed her dog, Toulouse, and segued into a conversation about the Steelers. He asked if she had ever been to Pittsburgh. It was admittedly a silly question.

“Well, of course she’s been to Pittsburgh,” he said. “She tours. She might of had a couple of concerts there. She went out of her way to be so friendly. She is an angel.”

Another memorable experience for Connor was working with producer Jack Winter at Stagecoach to coordinate a music video for award-winning artist, Diplo.

“Little did the world know, the first performance of ‘Old Town Road’ was about to be performed during Diplo’s set at the festival. I accompanied Diplo in his golf cart to his performance that night. We wanted to capture a shot of Diplo walking around backstage. I picked up one of our lights and held it up so the shot would be properly lit. The camera was following him around, and I was trying to keep my distance so the lighting wouldn’t be too harsh. Diplo noticed me trying to keep my distance and started to follow me around wherever I moved. Come to find out, he was just messing around with me. I was right there, in the center of the action as Diplo, Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X hit the stage for this crowd-deafening moment in history.”

Not every day was glamorous though, and Connor remembers the struggles of living and working in a fast-paced and stressful environment. Once, as a production assistant, he was driving a U-Haul in Beverly Hills, making a delivery to set.

“There’s no parking; it’s hectic,” Connor said. “Half the coffees I’m delivering spill.”

Gould held on to faith in his calling and used every opportunity he could to make a connection. When he noticed one coffee belonged to Scott “Scooter” Braun, a record executive, he decided to hand-deliver that one himself.

“I just wanted an excuse to talk to him. I addressed him as ‘Mr. Braun’, but he told me to call him ‘Scooter’. He asked what I wanted to do in the industry and genuinely listened.”

Despite the kindness he encountered from big names like Braun, Gould faced discouragement from long days and the nearly two-hour commute.

“I remember sitting in 5 o’clock traffic, really questioning if I could do it . . . if I could handle the industry,” he said. “What got me through it was the next day,” he said. “I just woke up and told myself, it’s a new day. Being acknowledged by people who aren’t obligated to talk to me make a huge impact. I remember Trevor Jackson from Superfly stopping to say ‘Hey, I see you, thanks for being on my set today’ and moments like that make me love my job.”

His personal, biblically-inspired code of ethics, which he calls, “professional kindness,” helps steer his attitude and behavior.

“If you go out of the way to be kind to the people, people will want to work harder for you,” he said. “This is not a Christian industry, but I try to be kind to people and plant that seed. Simply saying, ‘I’ll be praying for that,’ makes them pause and think about faith in general.”

After middle school, Connor was encouraged to attend Fort Bend Christian Academy in the Houston area to help build the upper school’s student broadcast program, Eagles on the Air. There, as well as at his church, The Bridge Fellowship, Connor learned cabling and other technical aspects of video, audio and media.

“Connor was one of the most media tech savvy students FBCA has ever seen,” Chris Henderson, FBCA teacher and owner of Hendyamps said. “He was a pleasure to teach and constantly dedicated himself to being the best person he could possibly be every day, making himself indispensable to a large number of departments and organizations. From creating promo videos for athletics, coordinating A/V applications across campus, to assisting in pro audio applications with the worship team and chapel, Connor left a lasting and impactful mark on FBCA for many years after his graduation.”

Gould obtained his B.A. from the Los Angeles Film School in less than three years.
Long term, Gould wants to produce a Christian film after his name is more established in the business.

Currently, Gould works as a producer for Catcher Creative and has accumulated millions of views across the productions he has produced. Recently, he has been producing and managing commercials, music videos and social media content for some of the largest influencers in the world. He has collaborated with mega companies such as Victoria’s Secret PINK, Nike, Best Buy and Toyota. His arsenal of talent goes beyond sound and film as he also excels in the art of photography. Whether it is a portrait or action shot, Gould can capture it. He has photographed Jason Derulo, 21 Savage, Walk The Moon and more.

The young professional has hired multiple fellow Fort Bend Christian Academy alumni for projects that he produces. To connect with Connor, offer to meet for a coffee, or maybe three, which he claims is the magic number to get him through his long days.