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Sisterhood of the Traveling Gown

Brittney Byrd
Ashley Dinges, FBCA ’16, was the eighth FBCA senior to wear a secondhand graduation gown. The gown, passed down from friend to friend, contains meaningful words of encouragement to inspire a fearless future in each young lady. 
“The messages that encourage me the most in the gown are ‘live for Him where he leads you’ as well as ‘be an extraordinary ambassador of Christ,’” Dinges said. 

Dinges is an FBCA "lifer", and she said growing up with her friends and having people invest time in her and unveil Christ’s love was one of her favorite things about the school.

With a passion for sustainability, Ashley is on tract to complete her degree in 
supply chain management with a minor in apparel merchandising at Baylor University. She is also a Campus Ambassador for Southwest Airlines. 
The historic gown’s journey is rumored to still be traveling. Submit a note to if you know who owns the gown now!