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FBCA Family Serves Local Community with Homemade Masks

Zoe Zamora
Austin and Lauren Ramirez, siblings and 10th-grade students at FBCA, have been making homemade masks for their family and community.
Their motivation for creating masks stems from their family members working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. When their family members who work in healthcare shared with them that their personal protective equipment was running low, they decided to do something to help. One of their family members is a doctor in Virginia, where COVID-19 cases are high, so the Ramirez family understands the importance of protective gear.

“A homemade mask can reduce the transmission of the virus to others by impeding large droplets and spray produced by a cough or sneeze,” shared Lauren.

Their supplies came from Joann’s, a local fabric and craft store in Sugar Land. Lauren has been helping her mom with the cutting and sewing, while Austin helps deliver the masks. 

The Ramirez family is currently in the process of mailing out their masks and distributing them to neighbors and friends in the community. Austin and Lauren are also offering their masks to local memory care facilities for their patients and staff. 

The Ramirez Family is dedicated to helping the community, “If anyone is in need and is unable to make one on your own, please reach out to us so we can help.”