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Finishing an AP Art Portfolio from Home: Kelin Longbottom

Zoe Zamora
Kelin Longbottom is a member of the FBCA Class of 2020 and has talents that go far beyond the classroom. Kelin was always a standout player on the men’s soccer team at FBCA and will continue showcasing his abilities on the field at Schreiner University in the fall. But what is most intriguing about Kelin is his artistic ability. 
Kelin comes from a family of creative minds and artistic talents, so he has been interested in making his own art since he was young. Drawings and 2D paintings are definitely in his wheelhouse, but during his senior year at FBCA Kelin was able to expand into 3D sculpting. “I did a lot of metalwork outside of school building things,” shared Kelin. “So when I came to FBCA, it was a hobby I could work on at school.” 

However, during his senior year Kelin and his classmates had to begin distance learning.

Of course, this posed a serious challenge to all of the FBCA students. Art students, including Kelin, had to figure out how to finish pieces that they had been working on all year. For Kelin, this would mean turning his garage into an art studio. 

One of his more significant projects is a chair made entirely out of metal. 

“I used the chair to create a series of drawings and paintings that were meant to be put on 3D sculptures that showed a contrast between the 2D and 3D world of art,” shared Kelin. “The study of automotive paint layering and color increased the energy and movement of line into the pieces. The power of multiple lines has shown a surface tension that contrasts and compliments the piece’s character.”

During distance learning he was able to have his supplies at home to finish this project, which included painting his chair with car paint.

“My favorite moment was being able to sit in my chair that I spent most of the school year working on.”

Mr. Robert Sanders, Director of Fine Arts, and Mr. Ryan Baptiste, Art Teacher, are two of Kelin’s greatest encouragers. “At FBCA, I have had two amazing art teachers that have helped and provided me with a better understanding of what it is to be unique and show character in all of my artwork,” shared Kelin. 

Mr. Sanders helped Kelin prepare for the end of the year despite not being on campus. Kelin had multiple pieces that he submitted to the College Board for AP credit, and Mr. Sanders was right there for it all. 

“Kelin Longbottom’s creative quest as an artist this year has been one of the most explosive experiences to watch,” shared Mr. Sanders. “His mark-making process emphasizes a visual form of metal lines and organic shape. Kelin has an innate ability to absorb 3D concepts that develop into a fascinating visual image of the ambiance. His sculptures and drawings reflect his unique sensibility to natural forms. He has truly found his voice in his searching and probing beneath the surface to discover the state of grace in his art.”

Kelin holds the respect of his teachers and peers for being hard-working and dedicated to his craft. The FBCA teachers and staff are excited to see how Kelin uses his gifts during his college career at Schreiner University.

*This article is from the July 2020 edition of the Fort Bend Christian Academy Magazine