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Alumni Update: Victoria Rigsby, Class of 2013

Zoe Zamora
Victoria Rigsby graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Kinesiology, a concentration in Applied Exercise Physiology and a minor in Business in 2017. She completed the Doctorate in Physical Therapy program at Duke University this past May. Victoria will be starting a sports physical therapy residency at Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Institute in Houston, Texas.
Upon her high school graduation, Victoria already knew that she was interested in sports medicine. She had spent a significant amount of time shadowing and observing several professions that all operate in the realm of sports medicine (physicians, physicians assistants, orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, and physical therapists). During her time at Fort Bend Christian Academy, she had the opportunity to work in the athletic training room and work with athletes in a sports medicine environment. It was those training room experiences and shadowing experiences at Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute that pushed Victoria to pursue a career in sports medicine.

During her freshman year at Texas A&M University, she got the opportunity to work for the Aggie Track & Field team as a student athletic trainer. Exposure to high-level athletes in a sports medicine setting led her to choose Kinesiology with a concentration in Applied Exercise Physiology. It allowed her to understand how the human body functions, moves and responds to exercise. while also setting her up to succeed in pursuing her doctorate in physical therapy down the road.

Victoria fell in love with physical therapy because she learned that she would get the opportunity to establish a relationship with patients and athletes due to the amount of face to face contact that P.T. professionals get with them.

“It provides the opportunity to see them through some of their hardest challenges as they are faced with the setbacks of an injury,” shared Victoria. “Also, to see their progression of ups and downs over time, and eventually, getting to see them return to what they love and are passionate about. Helping people achieve their goals and return to what they love doing is what makes this profession so great!”

Victoria shared that her time at FBCA prepared her for college and her professional role in many ways.

“Being as active and involved as I was at FBCA, it allowed me to function at a pretty high level at Texas A&M because I felt that I had good time management skills and knew how I studied and learned best,” shared Victoria. “Feeling confident in my abilities in the classroom allowed me to engage in other extracurricular activities, including the athletic training program, intramural sports, being an active member and holding leadership positions in Delta Gamma Fraternity, regularly attend Breakaway, and work for the Texas A&M football team.”

Victoria also credits FBCA in developing her spiritually and socially.

“I think that establishing a firm foundation of faith during my time at FBCA allowed me to be resilient in a lot of ways when facing challenges,” shared Victoria. “I am grateful for my experiences, memories, and friendships from college because they really shaped me into who I am today.”

FBCA is so proud of Victoria and all she has accomplished during her time at FBCA and beyond!

*This article is from the July 2020 edition of the Fort Bend Christian Academy Magazine