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From Texas to New Jersey: Kaden Kram

Zoe Zamora
Kaden Kram has played baseball since he was three years old, so when the opportunity finally came to play baseball for his dream school, it was a no-brainer.
Kaden, a Fort Bend Christian Academy Class of 2020 student-athlete and Houston Athletics club baseball player, has had a roller coaster of a college commitment process.

He was a dedicated student and a leader among his peers at FBCA for 12 years and has racked up accolades such as Academic All-State, Scholar-Athlete, Team MVP, 1st Team All-District, Honorable Mention All-State and the Soaring Eagle Award.

When the news broke that schools would be closing early for the 2020 spring semester due to COVID-19, his final baseball season came to a halt.

In this time of at-home workouts and virtual classrooms, Kaden managed to keep a somewhat normal routine. His usual day consists of a workout, some baseball training and then whatever school work he has that day. “It has been a little difficult to put solid workouts together but I have been able to manage with what I have at the house,” shared Kaden. “Sometimes it does get a little unconventional like loading a backpack with heavy things around the house but it gets the job done.”

Despite his new normal, Kaden has time to reflect on his time at FBCA. He considers the district seasons and playoff runs as his standout moments for him during high school. “The most standout moment in my four years of high school was during my district-winning sophomore season. We got the opportunity to play against and beat Second Baptist at Minute Maid Park in Houston.”

His coaches were also monumental to his successes during his high school career. “I’ve had two head coaches, Coach Jones and Coach Richards, while I’ve been at FBCA and they both meant a whole lot to me and helped me develop as not only a player but also as a person.”

Fast forward to his senior year, Kaden had options for his post-high school plans. At the center of these plans; baseball. Kaden had multiple offers from Division 3 schools to play baseball at the collegiate level. He also had conversations over the summer before his senior year with his dream program, Princeton University Baseball. However, the coach for that program told him that he didn’t have room for a catcher in the 2024 class. Hearing that, Kaden committed to play for Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

It wasn’t until the middle of March 2020 when Kaden’s post-graduate plans changed. “Apparently admissions was able to open up another spot for the Princeton coach around the middle of March and he called the Trinity coach, asking if he could talk to me and then called me pretty much right away after he got the OK,” explained Kaden. “It was a little bit of a roller coaster from having to pick from several D3 offers to getting an offer to play at my dream school.”

So why Princeton? To Kaden, it is the perfect combination of an Ivy League education and competitive Division 1 athletics. From a beautiful campus to an elite program, Kaden is going to get exactly what he was always looking for in a university. “Princeton offers a specific kind of major that combines Operational Research with Financial Engineering,” said Kaden. “Basically computer science mixed with a business course, which is pretty much exactly what I wanted to study.”

In terms of getting ready to move miles away from Texas, Kaden has taken it upon himself to research what his new schedule might be. Though he knows his days will be filled with baseball and classes, Kaden wants to focus on bettering himself both on and off the baseball field. On the other hand, his to-do list also includes stocking up on winter clothes for New Jersey’s colder weather.

When asked what he thinks about his next steps and the next steps of his fellow seniors, Kaden explained that nerves are to be expected but not feared.

“It is a little nerve-racking moving halfway across the country and living away from home but I think that this next chapter of my life will be filled with new and exciting things that will make up for the long trip.”

Kaden will begin his journey at Princeton in the fall and FBCA is excited to have him join the alumni community!

*This article is from the July 2020 edition of the Fort Bend Christian Academy Magazine