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Alumni Update: Tawfik Jarjour, Class of 2008

Zoe Zamora
Tawfik Jarjour is a Fort Bend Christian Academy Alumni, Class of 2008, and a Rice University Alumni, Class of 2012. He is now serving as a Senior Manager for Accenture Strategy. 
While at FBCA, Tawfik sought to be the best student he could be. Teachers and staff alike still recall Tawfik as a studious, yet a humble student. 

“The small classes and interaction with the faculty at FBCA helped me prepare for a smaller college environment, like Rice, where I would also get to have close conversations with the faculty,” shared Tawfik. “The extracurriculars also prepared me for the business of college.”

At Rice, Tawfik received a Bachelor's Degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cognitive Science and Biochemistry and Cell Biology. He believed that this subject matter would help him understand life in the world and build his critical skill sets. 

Since graduating from Rice University in 2012, Tawfik has been working at Accenture, a multinational professional services business. For over seven years Tawfik has seen an immense amount of success in various roles, including Business Analyst, Strategy Consultant, Global Lead for Healthcare 20/20, Manager, and now COO High Tech Strategy and Senior Manager.

For Tawfik, living through a global pandemic has not stopped his work, but intensified it. 

As a Senior Manager in Accenture Strategy, he has stepped into a role requiring major leadership. Tawfik is one of the leaders of Accenture’s response to clients globally around COVID-19 advice. The team has published a large number of Thought Leadership publications. Tawfik also meets with executives from Fortune 500 companies to advise them on the right approach to reinventing their businesses during COVID-19. 

“Think big! Look for big opportunities in life and go after them,” shared Tawfik. “God helps determine your path with work, life and friends. When you trust Him, He opens the doors to things you wouldn’t have been able to find on your own.”

Fort Bend Christian Academy is proud to have Tawfik in the community of Eagle Alumni and can not wait to see what he accomplishes next!