FBCA Alumna, Brittnie Blackburn, Publishes Children's Book

Zoe Zamora
Brittnie Blackburn, Fort Bend Christian Academy Alumna Class of 2001, is a super-mom.
She has always had a heart for others, specifically children. After FBCA, she received her bachelor’s degree in social work from Abilene Christian University and then obtained her master’s degree in social work from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

However, Brittnie’s servant driven heart for kids goes well beyond her academic career. Brittnie and her husband, Brandon, have two daughters, Clara (8) and Camille (6). Clara, their oldest daughter, has Cohen Syndrome.

Cohen Syndrome is unknown to most, as it is a rare congenital condition with less than 1,000 cases worldwide. As reported by the National Institute of Health, Cohen Syndrome is usually marked with physical differences and developmental delays. Around the 4 to 6-month mark in Clara’s childhood, her parents began to see that something was not right. So when Clara’s diagnosis was confirmed at 18 months, Brittnie and Brandon chose to remain reliant on the Lord for strength and guidance.

Brittnie didn’t want to keep her experiences to herself. In hopes that others could gather hope from her family journey, Brittnie took to writing.

Brittnie published her first book in 2017 titled Desert Song. In this memoir, Brittnie details the obstacles and opportunities of having a child with special needs.

This winter, Brittnie is publishing her second book, a children's book. This children’s book, titled You Are A Superhero Too, is also from Brittnie’s experiences with having a child with a life-changing condition.

However, this book does not focus only on the child with special needs, but on how siblings can understand their important role in the family dynamic. Brittnie’s younger daughter and Clara’s younger sister, Camille, is the inspiration behind this book.

When Brittnie and Brandon were looking for ways to explain Clara’s condition to Camille, they realized that there are not many tangible resources available that touch on the topics they needed to discuss. Most books, movies, and visual aids are geared towards the child with special needs, but not often the child’s siblings.

“I didn’t have the resource that I wanted, so I created one,” shared Brittnie.

You Are A Superhero Too is written from a parent’s perspective and affirms the unique role a neuro-typical child (the main character) plays in the family when living alongside a sibling with special needs. The book acknowledges the tender dynamics within their world and encourages the child in a way that conveys a tone of love and support, a message these children need and long to hear.

Brittnie and Brandon’s story is inspiring and showcases the goodness of God throughout uncertainty. Her upcoming children’s book, You Are A Superhero Too, is now available on Amazon and other online book retailers. Her memoir, Desert Song, is available now in online book retailers as well.

Brittnie, Brandon, Clara and Camille currently reside in Sugar Land, Texas. Brittnie also lends her writing talents to Hope Mommies, a group that ministers to moms and families who have experienced infant loss, and CEO Forum.

Fort Bend Christian Academy is extremely excited for Brittnie’s upcoming projects and can not wait to see how You Are A Superhero Too impacts many lives.

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