Professional Excellence

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

FBCA Teachers of Excellence maintain a Kingdom-focus throughout all aspects of job performance, ultimately serving God through service to students and others in our school community by:

  • Exhibiting a mature, active faith that is inspirational to all constituents of the FBCA family.
  • Teaching, supervising, facilitating, evaluating, and recording progress of students.
  • Stimulating higher-level reasoning and critical thinking among students.
  • Communicating effectively and willingly with peers, students and their families in a positive, biblical way.
  • Utilizing wisdom and empathy in a sincere effort to cooperatively arrive at a resolution when conflict arises.
  • Seeking joyfully to improve performance of students, school and self, with humility, reflectiveness, and flexibility
  • Recognizing and nurturing the God-given gifts of students and others.
  • Maintaining a safe environment for all students to be respected and allowed to freely express their creativity and individuality in God-honoring ways.
  • Promoting responsibly the unity and order of the school.
  • Modeling a passion for lifelong learning.
  • Demonstrating a desire to refine skills through professional growth opportunities and research-based best-practices.
  • Loving and meaningfully investing in the whole child: spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally.