SOAR Program

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The goal of Fort Bend Christian Academy's “Standing On a Solid Rock” (SOAR) Program is to ensure student success in the classroom. SOAR is available for students in PreK through grade 12 as an opportunity for them to receive differentiated assistance based on their individual academic needs.
Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of your name, lead and guide me.

Students Who Find The Soar Program Beneficial Are Those Who:

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  • Require additional support with specific academic concept he/she finds difficult

  • Need academic remediation in a specific area of deficiency

  • Struggle with organization or study skills

  • Have challenges with English as a second language and are experiencing difficulty in English/Language Arts, writing and reading comprehension

  • Have been absent from school due to illness for an extended period

  • Have recently enrolled as a new student at Fort Bend Christian Academy and need help to reach the level of current FBCA students in areas where there are discrepancies

  • Are on academic probation

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    Bridgett Brown 

    SOAR Director
    (281) 263-9100

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  • Meet the Director

    Bridgett Brown coordinates the SOAR Program and is a Texas State Certified teacher with specific training designed to maximize student potential in a variety of specialized and challenging learning situations. Mrs. Brown is in her 27th year of teaching at FBCA, with 16 of those years in the management and continual development of the SOAR Program. Her knowledge and understanding of the curriculum used at FBCA allow her to address the needs of students as they progress through the grades. She has worked with over 400 students to help them manage and sustain their work in the classroom as they focus on disciplines from math to English, as well as organizational and study skills. Mrs. Brown also works with a variety of international students on campus (Vietnam, China, Nigeria, Brazil).

    With an office/classroom at FBCA's South Campus, Mrs. Brown can communicate regularly with FBCA faculty during the school day through online teacher lesson plan access and face-to-face conferences. The convenient South Campus location also makes student access to the SOAR services easy.