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Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is a series of capital projects that will take place over the next six years.  It is our intention to complete all projects by the year 2030.  These projects are being considered in alignment with the school’s long-term strategic plan, previously-developed campus master plan, and current and emerging needs and wants to continue to flourish as a premier, independent Christian Pre-K - 12 grade school.

As a Christian, giving is not something we do; it’s who we are. For me, giving to FBCA is contributing to the work God is doing, a work that I’m witnessing in how my daughter is flourishing spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. As the Bible says, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.Reme E.
FBCA Parent

Project Information

We hope that this summary provides you with greater clarity and peace on our current direction and vision for Fort Bend Christian Academy.  We are confident these projects will continue to advance FBCA as a leading independent Christian school and enhance the educational experience for our students.  Our goal is to complete the first phase projects, the Lower and Middle School Campus expansion, Upper School expansion, and Field House modifications by 2030.  Thank you for your partnership and support!