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Fort Bend Christian Academy welcomes and encourages parents, family members and guardians to volunteer and share their time, talents and skills with our students. There are many ways to plug in at FBCA - join the Parent Teacher Fellowship, a committee, sign up for a weekly duty, and more. 

If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Office of Advancement at

Volunteer Spotlight

Parent Teacher Fellowship

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) at Fort Bend Christian Academy serves as the cornerstone of volunteer support, parent ministries, and teacher appreciation in the school community.

As the primary volunteer organization, PTF plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community, collaboration, and support among parents, teachers, and staff.

PTF Executive Board

PTF Executive Board 2023-2024
President Tiffany Tyler
Vice President Kate Shaffer
Secretary Charleen Burleson
Treasurer Sara Gerke
Chaplain Charleen Burleson
Parliamentarian Reme Ekoh
LS Volunteer Coordinator (Front Desk) Julie Motal
LS Volunteer Coordinator (Room Mom) Mary Graham
MS Volunteer Coordinator Darlene Bray
US Volunteer Coordinator Susan Sprague
LS Hospitality Chair Co-Coordinator Tiffanie Reina
LS Hospitality Chair Co-Coordinator Katherine Dujka
MS Hospitality Chair Co-Coordinator Catherine Garvin
MS Hospitality Chair Co-Coordinator Jamie Rozell
US Hospitality Chair Co-Coordinator Vicki Vaughn
US Hospitality Chair Co-Coordinator Paige Baird
Community Events Coordinator Stevie Schulick